Make better product decisions with user Feedback

Easiest way to collect & track feature requests, satisfaction surveys and create shareable Roadmaps. Increase feedback participation by 3x with Rewards.

How ProductLogz Works
Capture Feedback


Capture Feedback using In-AppSurveys or Feature Requests Board

Analyze Feedback


Analyze feedback to generate actionable insights

Prioritize Feedback


Prioritize with shareable Roadmaps based on Feedback & insights

Reward Users


Incentivize Users with Rewards & motivate to encourage participation

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Capture & Analyze

Get actionable Feedback

Get actionable feedback when it matters the most, at the crucial moments. Collect valuable insights from your users exactly when it is relevant and impactful.

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Collect & track feature requests.

Users can engage & upvote on ideas shared.

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Collect feedback with contextual in-app surveys

Prioritize & Engage

Prioritize development & keep users in the loop

Drive product improvement by leveraging feedback from your users. Prioritize development and allow your users to have a voice in the product development process by creating Public Product Roadmaps

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Create Public Product Roadmaps

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Categorize & Filter by Status

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Keep users informed with changelogs & notifications

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Encourage & Incentivize

Reward your Users

By rewarding their input, you create a win-win situation, where users feel appreciated and motivated to share their thoughts while you gain valuable insights to improve your products or services.

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Reward users to submit feedback

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Encourage & Incentivize users with product discounts & early access

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Create loyal customers

What our customers are

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What is ProductLogz?

ProductLogz is a user feedback and roadmap management tool that helps you collect, manage, and prioritize feedback from your users

Does ProductLogz support CNAME

Yes, CNAME is available in Pro+ Tiers.

What type of Reward can we offer?

You can offer rewards by virtue of discounts/ coupon codes for products/ services.

How many surveys & Roadmaps can we create?

You can create unlimited roadmaps & Surveys if you are not on the Free plan.

How is ProductLogz different from any other Feedback solution?

ProductLogz has a unique "Empowering Feedback with Rewards" feature. This allows businesses to define a rewards system tied to feedback contributions. This a win-win situation, where users feel valued and motivated to share their thoughts, while businesses gain a higher quantity and quality of feedback.

Simplifying Feedback & Feature Management for SaaS

Transform Feedback into Results

Easily collect & Prioritize feedback from users. Drive Product Improvement and Create Loyal customers with ProductLogz.