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Experience a seamless way to keep your users in the loop about product and feature updates with ProductLogz Changelog software.
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In-App Popups & Widgets

Enhance your in-app communication effortlessly with In-App Popups & Widgets.

Embed a popup or lightweight changelog widget directly within your application, providing users with instant updates every time they visit.

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Real-time Updates: Keep users informed instantly about the latest changes, features, and updates, enhancing their in-app experience.

Simple Installation: Implement the widget with minimal effort, using set-up guidelines for a straightforward setup.

Powerful Editing Features

Experience effortless changelog management with our Powerful Editing Features.

The changelog editor provides a user-friendly interface supporting complex formatting and linking posts and  allows you to attach labels or tags for enhanced categorization.

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Flexible Formatting: Support for complex formatting allows you to present your changelog content in a way that suits your communication style.

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Label/Posts Attachment: Enhance categorization by attaching labels/tags & linking posts to each update, making it easier for users to identify and navigate through specific content.

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Public Changelog Page

Transparently showcase your updates on a dedicated Public Changelog Page.

This feature extends beyond your app, offering a public-facing platform with a custom domain option.

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Increased Transparency: Showcase updates openly on a public platform, fostering trust and transparency with your user base.

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Brand Integration: Serve the changelog on your domain, seamlessly incorporating it into your website for a cohesive brand presence.

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