Capture & Track Product Feedback in one place

Experience a seamless way to centralize all your product feedbacks in a central space. Prioritize and Save hours of time in handling and managing customer requests.
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Collect Feedback in a centralised space

Instead of capturing feedback and using chaotic excel sheets to track user feedback, Productlogz provides a dedicated formal space to collect & manage user feedback

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Centralised Space: A central feedback board helps users lodge their feedback and keep a record of all feedback in one place


Track feedback : With Productlogz, you can semlessly track feedback of all users as old as it can get along with the new ones without them getting lost in emails.

Prioritise feature requests

With all feedback at one place, you can prioritise feature requests based on a criteria or the highest votes recieved

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Prioritise customer requests: Based on criteria or votes recieved, customer requests can be prioritised enabling user satisfaction & driving customer loyalty

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Label Attachment: Enhance categorization by attaching labels, making it easier for users to identify and navigate through specific content.

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Foster Communication & Collaboration

Enhance communication & collaboration so that all are on the same page.

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Increased Transparency: Let users be a part of your journey. Create a positive dialog by acknowledging feedback and sharing updates.

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User communication: Build a loyal community by enabling communication between users and the team in a public and transparent way

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Simplifying Feedback & Feature Management for SaaS

Transform Feedback into Results

Easily collect & Prioritize feedback from users. Drive Product Improvement and Create Loyal customers with ProductLogz.