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Collect & organize Feature Requests, conduct user research with in App Surveys, publish Roadmaps & Changelogs with User Notifications

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How ProductLogz Works
Capture Feedback


Capture User Insights & Feedback using In-AppSurveys or Feedback Board

Analyze Feedback


Analyze feedback & requests to generate actionable insights

Prioritize Feedback


Prioritize product build based on user votes & insights. Give visibility into upcoming features with public roadmaps

Reward Users


Close the feedback loop with timely product updates and notifications

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Capture & Track

Feedback collection & tracking

Streamline user feedback collection & track customer inputs through dedicated feedback boards

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Collect feedback in a centralized space


Organize and categorize feedback for efficient analysis and response.

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Foster user collaboration by creating a community-driven feedback environment

Prioritize & Engage

Prioritization through User Votes

Empower users to vote on features, influencing prioritization in product development.

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Align product development with user preferences for increased satisfaction.

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Foster a sense of ownership and loyalty who contribute to shaping the product roadmap

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Democratize decision-making, promoting a sense of community and engagement

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Transparency & Upsell Opportunities

Public Roadmaps

Showcase transparent roadmaps detailing upcoming features and enhancements.

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Build trust by keeping users informed about the product's future direction

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Upsell opportunity by offering early access to exclusive roadmap features

Ask & Improve

In-app surveys

Conduct surveys on the website or within the application to gather user feedback in real-time.

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Survey visitors or customers at the right moment

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Target right users with right questions

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Uncover insights to boost conversion rates!

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Update & Engage

Product Updates & Changelog

Communicate product updates and enhancements through clear changelogs.

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Announce product updates


Keep users engaged and informed about the latest improvements.

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Upsell by notifying exclusive features in higher-tier plans

What our customers are

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What is ProductLogz?

ProductLogz is a user feedback and roadmap management tool that helps you collect, manage, and prioritize feedback from your users

Does ProductLogz support CNAME

Yes, CNAME is available in Pro+ Tiers.

Is Guest Posting allowed?

Yes, guests will be able to submit feedback without having to sign up.

How many surveys & Roadmaps can we create?

You can create unlimited roadmaps & Surveys if you are not on the Free plan.

ProductLogz has a unique "Empowering Feedback with Rewards" feature. This allows businesses to define a rewards system tied to feedback contributions. This a win-win situation, where users feel valued and motivated to share their thoughts, while businesses gain a higher quantity and quality of feedback.

Simplifying Feedback & Feature Management for SaaS

Transform Feedback into Results

Easily collect & Prioritize feedback from users. Build & Ship features that Users actually want.