Top 15 customer feedback questions to ask in 2023

October 10, 2023
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 Getting feedback from customers is extremely important for businesses. It helps them understand what customers want and how they feel about products and services. In the past, businesses used surveys, interviews, and phone calls to gather this feedback. But nowadays, there are more user-friendly tools like feedback software, in-app surveys, and online communities to make it easier.

These tools allow businesses to get specific feedback from customers and really understand their experiences and feelings. In this blog, we'll talk about the different kinds of questions businesses ask to get this feedback and the top 27 customer feedback questions that you can ask today to gather actionable insights.

Types of Customer Feedback Questions

When it comes to collecting customer feedback, a well-designed customer satisfaction survey can provide valuable insights into the customer experience. One important aspect of a survey is the type of questions that are asked.

  1. Open-ended: These questions allow customers to provide thorough explanations about their experience, allowing for valuable feedback and insights. Open-ended questions are often effective in capturing the customer's sentiment. However, it needs to be kept in mind that open-ended questions can be time-consuming for both the customer and the survey administrators.
  2. Multiple choice questions: These types of questions offer predefined options, making it easier and quicker for customers to respond. These types of questions are ideal when trying to gather specific information or when there is a need to compare responses across a large sample of participants.
  3. Rating scale questions: These questions provide a standardized method for customers to rate their satisfaction levels. These questions offer a clear structure and make it easier to analyze survey responses.

While open-ended questions offer detailed insights, incorporating other types of questions can help strike a balance between quick response rates and obtaining actionable insights.

15 Top Customer Feedback Questions to ask in 2023

Below we have listed an insightful compilation of 27 pertinent customer feedback questions, which, when meticulously employed, serve as a powerful tool for gaining valuable insights into customer experiences and preferences,

You can use these when collecting feedback to improve your products and services, enhance customer loyalty, and stay on top of your competition.

Customer feedback questions to improve a product or service

Here are some top customer feedback questions that can lead to product enhancements:

  1. What do you like most about our product/service?
  2. If you could change one thing about our product/service, what would it be?
  3. What additional features or improvements would you like to see in our product/service?
  4. How well does our product/service meet your needs?
  5. How does our product/service compare to alternatives in the market?

These questions can help you gain insights into customer satisfaction levels, identify areas for improvement, and prioritize product enhancements.

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This feedback can then be used to make necessary changes and ensure customer needs are met, ultimately leading to a more successful and competitive product or service.

Customer Feedback Questions to Get Actionable Insights

In order to gather actionable insights into a product or service, it is crucial to ask the right questions.

When evaluating specific features, the following customer feedback questions can be asked to provide valuable insight.

  1. "Did the [specific feature] meet your expectations?" This question allows customers to express their opinion on the performance or usability of a particular feature. Their response will help identify any gaps between expectations and delivery.
  2. "How satisfied are you with the [specific feature]?" Using the ProductLogz rating scale or a star rating system, this question assesses the level of customer satisfaction with a specific feature. It helps identify areas that require improvement or further development.
  3. "What is one thing you would change about the [specific feature]?" This open-ended question encourages customers to provide suggestions for improvement. Their responses can then reveal specific pain points or opportunities for innovation.
  4. "How frequently do you use the [specific feature]?" Understanding the frequency of feature usage provides insights into its importance and popularity among users. It helps product teams prioritize enhancements based on usage patterns.
  5. "Does the [specific feature] enhance your experience with our product/service?" This question assesses the impact of the feature on the overall customer experience. Positive responses indicate that the feature is valuable, while negative responses suggest areas for improvement.

By incorporating these customer feedback questions into surveys, in-app surveys or feedback forms, you can gain actionable insights to enhance specific features, address customer sentiments, and drive improvements for a better customer experience.

You can use survey form builder tools like SurveyMonkey for open-ended questions or tools like ProductLogz for in-app surveys to assess customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback questions to measure the customer experience

When it comes to measuring the customer experience, asking the right customer feedback questions is crucial.

The following questions can provide valuable insights into the customer's satisfaction, and overall experience, and identify areas where improvements might be needed.

Some key questions that can be used to measure the customer experience include:

  1. "Were you satisfied with the level of customer service you received?" This question helps gauge the customer's perception of the service they received and assesses the effectiveness of the customer service team.
  2. "Did you encounter any challenges or issues when interacting with our company?" This question allows customers to provide feedback on any difficulties they faced during their interaction, helping the company identify pain points in the customer journey.
  3. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company to others?" This question measures customer loyalty and satisfaction, providing insights into the likelihood of referral and potential customer acquisition.
  4. How satisfied are you with your overall experience with our product/service? - This question measures customer satisfaction levels and provides insights into areas that need improvement.
  5. "What could we have done better to improve your experience?" This open-ended question encourages the customer to provide specific feedback, offering valuable insights for enhancing the overall customer experience.

Feedback survey tools & NPS surveys can be used to capture these insights effectively. This data can then be used to drive improvements, increase customer satisfaction, and foster customer loyalty.

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Customer Feedback Questions to Conduct Market Research

Customer feedback questions also play a crucial role in conducting market research.

By gathering insights and opinions from customers, businesses can better understand their target market, uncover trends, and improve products or services.

Here are the top seven customer feedback questions that can be used to conduct effective market research:

  1. What factors influenced your decision to choose our product/service over competitors? - This question helps identify the unique selling points of a business and highlights what makes it stand out in the market.
  2. How did you first hear about our product/service? - Understanding how potential customers discover a product/service can help businesses identify effective marketing channels and invest their resources accordingly.
  3. What specific features or aspects of our product or service do you find most valuable? - This question helps identify which features are being used or optimized most and which features are redundant allowing for focused development efforts and improvements. Features that users find most valuable can be worked upon and upsell opportunities can be created.
  4. What improvements or features would you like to see in our product/service? - Soliciting suggestions for enhancements helps businesses prioritize and implement changes that align with customer expectations. You can direct your customers to submit feature requests on your ProductLogz feature request board.
  5. What other products/services are you considering besides ours? - This question provides businesses with valuable information about their competition and potential areas for improvement.



In conclusion, customer feedback is of paramount importance for businesses seeking to improve their products and services.

Keeping a mix of open-ended questions with rating scales & multiple choice questions provides the customers the desired flexibility, not making it lengthy and monotonous. At the same time, businesses get actionable insights into making informed decisions and improving customer loyalty.

The right mix & customization of feedback questions can be key to obtaining meaningful insights that can drive positive change, improve customer service experience, and ensure customer satisfaction.



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